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Events & Speaking

Dean Henry is available to speak to your organization on topics such as:

Basic Genealogy  – How to start your family tree. This talk will cover basic terms like pedigree chart and descendant chart, family group sheet and others. It will walk you through techniques to uncover and record facts as a base for future research and information sharing. To watch a one hour sample African-American Genealogy 101 webinar, visit the Contact page, enter your contact information and request the webinar link in the Message.

Capturing family stories for all time - This talk covers the importance of capturing photos, videos and artifacts before its too late (fire, flood, or other natural disaster; recording material breakdown). It will show you a repository that is available for a nominal cost to store your legacy for generations in the future.

Using Computer Based Genealogy Programs – There are a number of ways to electronically store, and share your family facts. Computer programs and smart devices (iPhones, iPads) are some of the most popular ways. Several popular programs and applications will be shown and we will walk you through how to use them.

Using Online Databases for Your Family Search – You’ve seen Ancestry.Com on TV. You may have heard of  but you don’t know how to start using these for your research. This talk will walk you through the basics of accessing these online databases and others.

Dean's Bio can be viewed here.

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