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Technology Support

Most of us need help with learning new technology. Whether installing genealogy software on our computer, using Ancestry.Com on a smart phone or tablet, or scanning a photograph for use with a family tree, doing this the first time can be intimidating. Or, some don't want to learn technology at all! No worries, whatever your technology challenge, contact Family Pearl for a quote on how to accomplish your genealogical goals through technology, and we can provide as much or little technical support as you need.

Some examples of technology support that we offer:

  • Installing genealogy software on your computer

  • Syncing genealogy software on your computer with Ancestry.Com

  • Scanning photographs for use with family trees

  • Modifying default security & privacy settings on your genealogy or DNA testing website accounts

  • Accessing your family tree on your smartphone or tablet device

  • Backing up your computer files to a device or disk locally, or to the cloud

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