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AAHGS 2020 VIRTUAL Conference

I am so looking forward to the first ever AAHGS VIRTUAL Conference! While it would have been great to travel to Hampton Virginia as originally planned, as they say, "necessity is the mother of invention". Once it became clear that the pandemic would make attending a big in-person event impossible, AAHGS pivoted and converted its plan to a virtual conference. This means that it is more accessible to everyone throughout the country, and the world! This will likely come with some discomfort for those of us who consider themselves to be technologically challenged :) But the pandemic is forcing us to adapt and get with the times. A year ago, how many of us had participated in a Zoom session, let along a virtual conference? Now, this is becoming almost commonplace. So, don't be afraid to jump in with both feet, and ask for help if you need it. This will be a growing experience for all of us!

In terms of my presentation, I have modified one that I've given a few times previously, on how to use "Computer-Based Genealogy Programs". The presentation goes well beyond the subject, to include digitizing documents, photographs, audio and video as a way to make your research more vivid. What does this have to do with African American Genealogy? I contend that EVERYONE should be familiar with the tools that are available to help organize and backup their research. And with the cost of entry so low, where you can download a free or trial version of a computer program like Family Tree Maker 2019 or Roots Magic 7, there is no better time to try this out then now, while you have some time on your hands at home during this pandemic. Once you have information on a computer program, you can share it more easily with others, through a GEDCOM file, or back it up to the Cloud. What does that mean you ask? Well you have to come to my presentation to find out!

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