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GSP Board Election Announcement

Updated: May 18, 2022

I'm pleased to announce that I was recently elected to the Board of Directors of The Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania ( for a 2022-2024 term! It was announced in GSP's May 2022 newsletter. I've been a Pennsylvania resident my entire life, a family historian / genealogist since the late 1980s, and a professional genealogist for about 10 years, and it is an honor to be asked to join the Board of this respected organization.

From GenPA''s website: "The Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania (GSP) is a non-profit educational institution located at 2100 Byberry Road, Suite 111, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19116. Founded in 1892, GSP is one of the earliest genealogical societies founded in the United States. Our mission is to provide leadership and support in promoting genealogy through education, preservation, and access to Pennsylvania-related genealogical information. GSP is committed to preserving and publishing primary source records and to helping people to search for their ancestors."

I'm looking forward to contributing my organizational and technological expertise to the genealogy community on a State level, while balancing my family, professional and existing volunteer commitments at the same time. A worthy challenge!

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